Thursday, October 23, 2008

Korea: Taxi Tracking Device Saves Driver

I saw on TV a few days ago that in Korea, taxis have a device installed that records how fast they are going, whether they are moving and where they stop and for how long they stop. I know it sounds intrusive but the device actually saves a taxi driver that's been wrongly-accused of robbery.

The story goes that two women, from separate occasions, accuse a taxi driver of robbery and positively identified the man from pictures. But the driver maintains that he's innocent and that he was off duty when the incidents happened. Since there should be no one else that drives his taxi, the detective goes on to check the tracking device installed in his taxi and sure enough he was off duty.

The detective goes back to the robbery victims and they maintain that they are not mistaken and they have got the right man. By now, there is another suspect in custody (the real perpetrator) and the police ask the women to take a second look at the police lineup. They are definitely surprised to see the real robber and how similar he looks like the driver they have wrongly accused.

So, the innocent driver is free and gets an apology from the women who put him in jail for a couple of months.

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