Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Global Warming isn't Real?

I'm not a tree-hugger and I don't religiously recycle but I refuse to believe that all that pollutions and excessive and illegal loggings are not detrimental to the earth well-being. It's like saying drinking rat poison won't kill you.

Some people say that the climate has always been changing and there is nothing to worry about. Well, if it's natural then of course there's nothing to worry about. But this time, it's from our own wrongdoings and that's not natural. In the past, there was no air pollution as massive as we have now. So the change right now is not natural whether or not there were extreme climate changes in the past. Some people even dismiss the fact that we are having a problem, saying that the weather is not too bad ignoring studies that have been made by scientists and extreme weather changes that are happening around the world.

What people have also ignored is that the climate stability that we have experienced for thousands of years contributes to the flourishing of our civilization. Because of the stability, we have shifted from roaming hunter-gatherer to permanent settlers which provide us with more food and economic options and therefore a prosperous culture .

I saw a documentary about how glaciers are melting faster due to global warming and since it's the largest source of freshwater, the release of this water into the sea could disrupt the salinity of sea water. This upsets the normal cycle of hot and cool water in the sea and prevent hot air formation that keeps our climate stable. This, scientists say, could eventually make our climate cooler and could lead us into another ice age.

Harry Potter Naked

Well, Daniel Radcliffe to be exact. They are both the same person isn't it? It sort of spoils the image I have of the sweet and innocent Harry Potter. Read that he, Daniel, is doing a play in London called 'Equus' by Peter Shaffer. Not only that he will be naked, the character he plays blinds six horses with a hoof pick. Definitely not my cup of tea. Isn't he only 17 or something?

Save Harry Potter!

Harry Potter fans around the world are campaigning to persuade JK Rowling to keep Harry Potter books coming. A UK bookstore chain has even set up a website for online petition-signing. They are working to get one million names by July 21st which is the release date of the final Harry Potter book series. I think it's better to end something when it is at its peak. So that people will remember it at its glorious best. Heard the final book is recording the highest pre-order in the history of bookselling.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trying My Hands at Aloe Vera

Planting that is. Heard a lot of good things about aloe vera and how easy it is to care for it. My mom, who's actually doing all the work, got a pot from our neighbour. It has since produced offshoots and multiplied into a number of plants. They are doing rather well right now. Especially after re-potting and if they are alone in one pot. There is one pot with two aloe veras and the plants seem skinnier than the one that's on it's own.

It seems that location also plays a part. It needs a lot of sunlight but not at the hottest hours around 11 am - 3 pm or they will get sunburn. Read that the brown spots on the leaves are actually sunburn. Will have to relocate some of them.

Apparently aloe vera is not choosey with the type soil you use but it has to be well-draining so that it doesn't retain too much water. It doesn't need a lot of watering. Some people said watering once a month is enough but some said once every two weeks. But still, will have to experiment a bit.

Wish I had a digital camera so that I could take their pictures and post them here and monitor their progress.

Wimbledon 2007 Gripping Finale

A rather late entry. But watched the whole 'Live' coverage of the match. Probably the longest few hours of my life. Disappointed that Rafael Nadal didn't win but really proud of him that he fought till the end. And fought fiercely. Roger Federer played really well. Felt he was a bit lucky but he 'up' his game at crucial moments and those moments really paid off. Hopefully Rafa will bounce back like all good players do. Since he's always improving his techniques, I'd like to see him win more than any other players before him.

Vamos Rafa!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rafa Through to Fourth Round

Found out a bit late. Thanks to the delay, didn't get to see the remaining match. Heard Nadal was annoyed at Soderling and probably at the whole delay. It isn't like him to get annoyed. Especially speaking out to the press. I guess a lot have been going on, with the pressure and all. But still never heard him get annoyed like that. He's playing Mikhail Youzhny right now. Wish I could watch. Got a feel he could win Wimbledon this year, just believe he could. But maybe that's just me. Anyway Rafa go for it!

Vamos Rafa!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mozilla Firefox

Finally got enough of Explorer's endless errors and downloaded Firefox especially after reading a lot of praises on this browser. So far so good. Love the 'Open Link in New Tab' feature. Heard there are a lot more handy features and especially good for developers. Will definitely explore and look around for that.

Wimbledon Under the Weather

It's starting to frustrate me. Especially when it tampers with my beloved :D Rafael Nadal's play. He was just about to win a tiebreak against Robin Soderling when it started to rain and everything was disrupted. He came back and lost the set and the next one. They are tied 4-4 at fifth set right now. And if Nadal loses this one, I'm going to be reeeeally mad. They say that a retractable roof is coming to centre court in 2009. I say, why hadn't they thought about this? And why only at centre court? If I'm frustrated, think about all those players who have to endure the pressure and the stress of trying to beat the same player over and over again. It's like taking a final exam that doesn't end.