Friday, November 28, 2008

My Computer's Gone Crazy

It keeps freezing again. Every time it does, I can't go online. After a few shut downs and restarting my computer, and leaving it alone for a day or two and when it feels like it, I can get online again. This time I'm pretty sure it's got nothing to do with ActiveX. I read somewhere that this freezing problem could due to a number of reasons. Found an article that might explain this but it doesn't solve my problem because I don't know which actually is the direct cause of my computer going crazy.

> Troubleshooting Freeze (Lockup) Problems

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blue Potatoes

Yesterday was the first time I saw blue potatoes. It was on Martha Stewart's show and the potatoes were more purple than blue actually. I believe it was called the Peruvian Blue Potato or Purple Potato. It got me curious, so I searched for blue potato and found out that there are other blue potatoes that are actually more blue than purple! I've seen red potatoes before but now, blue and purple too. I guess we live and learn.

> Some blue, purple, red and yellow potatoes at

My Computer Freeze-d!

I was having some freezing problems with my computer for these last few days. Didn't know what caused it at first. It was so bad that I was having trouble connecting online. It was pretty scary. It was by chance that the computer was able to go online again but still froze for a couple of times. When I wanted to do disk cleanup, it was then I discovered that I unknowingly downloaded ActiveX. I guess it was when I browsed a site with ActiveX or something like that that my computer automatically downloaded the program. I don't know why it caused so much problems. But, I have uninstalled it and now the computer seems OK. Phew!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I don't like receiving e-mail forwards.

I don't know why I keep receiving unsolicited e-mail forwards from my friends. These mail forwards are supposedly to serve as an advice or friendly reminder or precautions. I do recognize the kind intentions of my friends but I'd rather they write something about themselves or just have some conversations.

What I don't like about these mail forwards is that most or all of the claims are either false, inconclusive findings that sometimes taken out of context or just plain hoaxes. The original writers of the mails are clearly trying to spread fear mostly regarding health concerns or maybe to sway someone into choosing a particular brand over another. Sometimes the mails end with, I better do something because something bad might happen if I don't or if I love my friends and family I better forward to them as well.

I don't know how to tell my friends that I don't need these mails so I just delete them. So mail forwards end with me.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rediscovered Strangers Among Us

This website's been in my bookmark for quite some time. Interesting pictures of people that are strangers to the photographers hence the title. Aargh! I can't wait till I can get my hands on Canon A590 IS. Probably won't be as good as these guys but I just want to happily taking pictures away.

> Strangers Among Us

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Different Kind of Spot the Difference

Getting addicted with Spot the Difference game. Found another one quite different from what I've found so far.

Some screenshots:


(Ever so slightly) harder.

It's difficult when the icons are moving.

> Unique -

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Canon PowerShot A590 IS - IS on My List

> I Seriously Need a Digital Camera
> Samsung S850 Doesn't Have Image Stabilization
> A Point Made by PCMag About Buying a Digital Camera

I Want This Camera!!

While doing more digging and searching for digital cameras on CNet and PCMag, one camera kept popping up and got great reviews from both sites. The camera is Canon PowerShot A590 IS. Both sites rave about how great the pictures taken by this camera for its price range. Although both sites mention how relatively bulky the camera is and slow shot-to-shot speed, I can live with that.
  • AA Batteries - Check
  • Zoom > 4x - Check
  • Image Stabilization - Check
  • Takes good pictures in low lights - Check
  • MP > 5 - Check (8.0 MP)
  • SD memory card - Check