Friday, June 29, 2007

Wimbledon is Back

It's already into the third round. There's nothing more that can cheer me up than watching a Rafael Nadal match. Someone said that he would win Wimbledon before Roger Federer would win Roland Garros. To my surprise he disagreed. Maybe he knows something that I don't. Of course he knows something that I don't. Anyway, love his tenacity. He fights for every point. Even when it looks impossible, he turns it around. Saw he did a backhand return when the ball was practically behind him and still got it in and won the rally against Werner Eschauer.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Global Warming Could Lead to Ice Age

Saw something interesting on TV. Scientists say that the global warming that's been going on right now could lead to another ice age. It's got something to do with the melting of the ice on the northern hemisphere that releases a flood of fresh water into the sea. This upsets the normal cycle of hot and cool water in the sea and disrupts hot air formation that's been keeping our climate under control for 10 000 or so years.

Feeling Blah

Feeling really crappy lately. Don't feel like doing anything. Maybe I'm low on bananas. Read that bananas give you a happy feeling. Something about tryptophan or something. Tried carrot juice too, almost the same effect. Maybe that's why bunnies are so alert all the time. Going to get me some bananas and carrots.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Harry Potter Frenzy

It's Harry Potter season. They've been showing the movies on TV, the earlier ones. The latest movie is coming out on cinema and the final book is coming out on 21st July 2007. There is even a stadium planning for promotion and to celebrate the release of the seventh and last book. The main event is the distribution of the book at midnight. Read the news that big retail booksellers are already slashing the price tag to half annoying some smaller bookstores. Heard JK Rowling is killing off one of the main characters. It couldn't be Harry, could it?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hello Kitty Turns Into a Panda

Hello Kitty got a gig for Beijing Olympic 2008. Should have expected this. What else should this cute cat turns into but a panda - even if it's just a costume. It's hard being a celebrity. You have to reinvent yourself constantly and go with the flow. Sort of like having different faces and different characters all the time to make people stay interested. Wonder if the cat's happy with her life.

Posh Spice Has a Reality TV

I knew it! Missed the announcement but it's coming up at NBC. Don't know which one came first - David Beckham's decision to move to US or the reality TV. Both ways, I won't be watching. Maybe both the egg and the chicken...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Human Neanderthal Hybrid Update

Apparently the documentary I saw was belated or a rerun. Did a little digging and found out that the bones were found in Portugal near the coast north of Lisbon. It was a skeleton of a four-year-old boy with features of modern human but limbs proportionately Neanderthal. Research from DNA tests found links of modern human with Cro-Magnon but no apparent link with Neanderthal. Don't know if it's possible that their DNA 'disappear' with interbreeding or they just evolved and 'became' modern human hence the lack of trace of DNA. Just my wild imagination.

Sticky Loch Ness Monster

Saw a documentary at National Geographic channel. They did a simple test. Had a log floating at Loch Ness and asked the tourists what it looked like. Some of them said it could have been Nessie, some of them said it was a stick. Had the same log at another body of water (away from Loch Ness) and then asked around what it was. All of them said a definite 'stick'. Shows that expectations and the mind could play a trick on us.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten

It's a cute name for a clothing line. 'Bitten'. Only noticed the news about it. Seems like all celebrities are launching their clothing lines now. But the Bitten collection is inexpensive - under $20. Like the way she said about 'democratization of fashion' - making fashion accessible to every woman.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Dog Poisoning in Hong Kong

Don't have a dog. But why would anyone poison dogs is beyond me. Apparently the poisoning started in 1989. Some poisons mixed with meat been placed along Bowen Road, a street popular with dog-walkers and have been killing some dogs and made some ill.

Harry Potter Finale

Read the news that the last book from the Harry Potter series will be out in July. Read none of them. But if I was younger I would have been crazy about him, er... it. Still amazed how something like that could turn into something huge. Heard there will be a Harry Potter theme park. One of those things you'd say, 'why didn't I think of that?'.

David Beckham's Going For Real

Seems like he's definitely surely going to LA Galaxy. Thought they could stop him from going. Well, it's Real loss in every sense. Still think he's one of the best players Real Madrid has ever had. Maybe he's sensing his form is or will not be as good as before and he won't be able to compete with future Real players or maybe his wife's been bugging him to go to Hollywood to pursue a career she never had. He he just guessing.

F1 Canada Crash

Turned on another channel after watching Rafa won the French Open. Saw a huge crash at F1 Canada. Apparently the driver was Kubica. He was reportedly fine but the crash was rather huge. Debris everywhere. Don't really follow F1 closely anymore. Everyone's driving for different teams now, mostly. Find that hard to adjust to.

The Mostest at French Open 2007

  • Tightest Match - 7-5, 7-6, 7-6 (Roger Federer bt Nikolay Davydenko)

  • Most techno-hip name - Ignatic (Vladimir Ignatic, Belarus - Winner Boy's Singles)

  • Most Volatile Firecracker - Marat Safin (make that every tournament - love you Marat :))

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Third IQ Test

Got 122 for the third test. A wee bit in the 'high intelligence' range - whatever that means. Still short two more points to qualify for membership in the International High IQ Society. Oh well, at least I'm making progress. Don't know how credible the tests are. I might as well be retarded as far as I'm concerned.

Fossils at Harrods

If I ever need to have a 400 million-year-old fossils, I could find it at Harrods. Apparently they have everything under the sun. Wonder if they have a 401 million-year-old fossil instead.

Rafael Nadal Wins French Open 2007!

Had my heart in my mouth most of the time. After a lost to Federer at Hamburg, there was no sign he didn't believe he could win. The commentator said the tournament and the ones before that was taking its toll on him, made me even more nervous. He was not himself on the second set which he lost - the only set he dropped throughout the whole tournament. Federer didn't play that bad either. But anyway, Rafa got a hatrick! Hopefully he will stay injury-free and win more tournaments to come. Love the new Bull logo.

Vamos Rafa!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Honey & Clover

It's probably my favourite anime right now. Soooo cute. Kawai! And sooooo funny. A mix of quirky characters, sudden seriousness - reflecting on life and stupidly funny scenes out of nowhere - typically Japanese which I love. Wish I had watched it right from the start, so typical of me to miss the start of an anime. Have to limit myself to a few anime at one time.

Rafael Nadal Has OCD

Thought it was superstition like some other tennis players do. Heard the commentator said it was OCD. I should have known that, I have OCD. People say those who have OCD usually become successful. Darn it! Maybe I should have 'nurtured' my OCD.

Paris Hilton Traumatized

Paris Hilton goes back to jail after having a brief 'prison break' at home. Drink-driving is very dangerous. It could kill people. And when that happens there is no amount of money and prison could bring them back to life. Don't think she understands that. Hopefully she'll get it soon.

Human Neanderthal Hybrid

Saw a documentary at Discovery. They found some bones which they thought was human but later found out that the arms and legs were not proportionately human. It doesn't seem mind boggling for humans to interbreed with Neanderthals. Hopefully they will find out the answer soon. Heard they are doing some DNA tests and researching.

My IQ Test

Found an IQ test website. Did the test and got 110, a wee above average. Phew, thought I was retarded. Did the second time and got 118. A nice improvement. Need to get 124 to join the group.

Rafa 'The Bull' to play Roger Federer

Hope he'll win this Sunday. So nervous watching him play Djokovic but never doubted he could make it. He hasn't dropped a set the whole French Open yet. Like Federer, but love Nadal.

Vamos Rafa!

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Future Planet of The Apes

Saw a documentary, a scientist teaching a Bonobo how to cook instant noodles and other Bonobos some English words that correspond with simple pictures. Seems like The Planet of The Apes could come true in about hundreds years or so from now. Humans are having problems with each other as it is. There will definitely be more issues interspecies-wise.

Paris Hilton Goes to Jail

Feeling sorry for her somehow. Must be hard for someone like her to go to prison. But if you can’t do the crime don’t do the time. The other way round - just trying to amuse myself. She did spend $200K on a shopping spree - feeling a bit less sorry now. Just hope she’ll get through the whole ordeal unscathed.

Me Learning Some Japanese

Learned a few Japanese words lately:

  • Hajimemashite - greeting when you meet people for the first time.

  • Itadakimas

  • Dozo yoroshiku - nice to meet you.

  • Tokyo kara desu - I'm from Tokyo.

  • Ohyo gozaimasu - good morning.

  • Konnichi wa - good afternoon.

  • Kanban wa - good evening.

Some more Japanese words I've learned before:

  • Domo arigato / arigato gozaimasu - thank you.

  • Sayonara - good bye.

  • Gomenasai

  • Mata ne

  • Chotto (not sure of the spelling)

  • Chotto mate

  • So desu ka?

  • Kore wa?

  • Sore wa?

  • Are wa?

  • Otosan

  • Okasan

  • Obachan

  • Oishi

  • Omai (not sure the spelling)

  • Sugoi (not sure the spelling)

Love Rafael Nadal

‘Discovered’ him a few months ago. Heard of him longer than that but never really paid attention. Potentially a better player than Roger Federer. A tremendously good learner, has a cool head. Would like to be like him when I ‘grow up’. Just think he needs to change his underwear. Not for a fresh new one, just a new type - keeps tugging at his shorts-pants.