Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Seriously Need a Digital Camera

I've never had a digital camera, my brother does but it's no fun to use his because he's using it for business purposes while I want to use it all the time and experiment on things. I've always loved taking pictures and I can't believe that I haven't bought one digital camera since it's even more easier to delete pictures that I don't want.

Found a buying guide at CNET that answers the question: what kind of digital camera is best for me? According to this guide and from my own intuition since I know what I want, I'm a cross between a 'Serious amateur' and a 'Budget buyer'. I don't need a guide to tell me that I don't have enough money. But the guide is rather useful to find out which features you'll need in a camera when you're looking for one.

Right now, I'm not what is called a serious amateur but I want a camera that does something a little bit more than point-and-shoot, just a tiny bit more.

My checklist is:
  • AA Batteries
  • Zoom > 4x
  • Image Stabilization
  • Takes good pictures in low lights
  • MP > 5
  • SD memory card
Canon PowerShot S3 IS has always been in my mind but with the budget I'm in right now maybe I should consider Canon PowerShot A590 IS which I heard takes good pictures, or something like Samsung S850 which has the features I can work on and the price seems right.

Need to do a bit more digging.

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