Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Singles Week?

Certainly didn't know there was a thing called singles week. It's called the National Unmarried And Single Americans Week. Apparently it started in 1984 by the Buckeye Singles Council in Ohio. The holiday (?) is held on the third week in September. Too bad it's only in America, I'd have liked to join in. Well, if you're single, everyday is sort of like a holiday.

Sometimes I wonder why people get married. It's like a recurring problem that never gets solved and people fall for it every time :D. The stories I hear about married life.... You just have to take a look at the wife to get a whiff into it. Especially if they have kids ... and many of them. And especially if they are not well-to-do. Sure, husbands say they help out with houseworks but usually from what I see, the whole load is still on the wife. They 'help' out when they feel like it and they choose what they want to do. When the house is a mess, who will people point their fingers to? And don't let me get started with having kids.

But of course, there are lonely moments and sometimes you just need someone by your side. Some men out there are known to do houseworks, sometimes doing even more than their wives. Or maybe we should make a point to marry only those who have a butler or who can afford maid service. But, what about infidelity or just recently I saw a man trying to put a hit on his own wife?

Decisions, decisions.

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