Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Global Warming isn't Real?

I'm not a tree-hugger and I don't religiously recycle but I refuse to believe that all that pollutions and excessive and illegal loggings are not detrimental to the earth well-being. It's like saying drinking rat poison won't kill you.

Some people say that the climate has always been changing and there is nothing to worry about. Well, if it's natural then of course there's nothing to worry about. But this time, it's from our own wrongdoings and that's not natural. In the past, there was no air pollution as massive as we have now. So the change right now is not natural whether or not there were extreme climate changes in the past. Some people even dismiss the fact that we are having a problem, saying that the weather is not too bad ignoring studies that have been made by scientists and extreme weather changes that are happening around the world.

What people have also ignored is that the climate stability that we have experienced for thousands of years contributes to the flourishing of our civilization. Because of the stability, we have shifted from roaming hunter-gatherer to permanent settlers which provide us with more food and economic options and therefore a prosperous culture .

I saw a documentary about how glaciers are melting faster due to global warming and since it's the largest source of freshwater, the release of this water into the sea could disrupt the salinity of sea water. This upsets the normal cycle of hot and cool water in the sea and prevent hot air formation that keeps our climate stable. This, scientists say, could eventually make our climate cooler and could lead us into another ice age.

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